How To Correctly Buy Auto Parts

Posted on: 21 December 2016

When you purchase diesel engine spare parts, it can be difficult to know which pieces are worth buying and which ones are simply junk. After all, you are trying to save money by not replacing the whole engine; you don't want to end up buying multiple parts over and over again just to fix the same problem. Here are a few tips you can follow when you are trying to buy spare auto parts so that you are not left with a mess on your hands.


Do not simply buy the first part you come upon that looks like it will fit hatz diesel engines or kohler diesel engines. You can usually find some very general websites online where anyone can list auto parts that they have for sale. Select two and use them to compare prices. One website may have consistently higher prices, and you don't need to buy something that's more expensive, simply for the hope that it will be better. Make sure that you find a delivery date. If you are ordering it from Ebay, then it could take a month or two to arrive.


Do not simply accept what someone has written in an add to sell the part. Call and confirm the details about the part. You may have thought a certain part could fit all diesel engines, then you discover that the part is specific to deutz diesel engines. It is better to find that out over the phone before you have paid than when the part arrives a few weeks later.

Haggle Politely

The answer is always no until you ask. If you don't ask if they will price match another competitor, then you won't know. However, if you are looking at Kubota generators that have only been used for a year as compared to some that have been used for ten years, you cannot expect a dealer to match that price. Also, remember when you are haggling that you should be polite and honest. Do not waste the other person's time with fake interest.

Buy Rare Parts Personally

If you are looking for a rare diesel engine spare part, you should always go in person to see the part before money exchanges hands. Sometimes, you can even go in junkyards and look through the cars yourself. The junkyards will offer a much more affordable price than a car dealer. You just have to be willing to track down the part yourself.