• Understanding a Turbocharger

    A turbocharger is a good choice for anyone who wants more performance from their vehicle, whether that's more pickup from a full stop, or the ability to achieve higher speeds overall. A turbocharger or booster can usually be installed on any type of engine, and has many benefits other than just a faster engine. Note a few of those advantages, and some commonly asked questions about a turbocharger, so you can understand if it's the best choice for your vehicle.
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  • How a Colour Test Can Help You Determine What's Wrong with Your Diesel Engine

    The modern-day diesel engine in your car is a complicated device, and it can sometimes be quite difficult to diagnose any problem that you may come across. While a special computer is normally plugged into the vehicle to pick up some clues, you as the driver can often predict what may be wrong by assessing the vehicle's performance and looking for some visual and audible pointers. What can you tell your mechanic to help them pinpoint the issue?
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