A Few Tips for Buying Truck Parts

Posted on: 28 February 2018

When you're buying parts for a truck, whether it's a heavy-duty rig or a lightweight passenger ute, you want to ensure you invest in quality parts. Trucks are naturally heavier than passenger cars, so they put added wear and tear on all their parts because of that weight, while heavy-duty delivery trucks, trucks you use to pull a trailer, and other such models are especially rough on all their parts under the hood. Trucks will also often run hotter than passenger cars, and this added heat can mean more corrosion and damage to the engine and transmission. To ensure you buy quality parts for your truck, note a few tips to keep in mind before shopping.


Note the materials used for the parts you want to buy. Aluminium and plastic parts may be cheaper to produce and manufacture than a material like steel, so they may be cheaper to purchase, but these materials may also wear out much sooner than steel parts. For parts like brake pads and rotors, you want to be especially concerned with their quality, since the heavier weight of a truck can make stopping more difficult, and all the parts of the truck's braking system are likely to suffer excessive wear and tear. For any part that needs to be strong and durable, avoid plastic and lightweight aluminium, and invest in steel.


Never assume you can buy a different size of any part and simply make modifications so that it will fit, or that your truck will be safe to drive. Larger tyres for a truck may put undue pressure on the shocks, struts, tie rods, and axles, whereas smaller tyres may not be strong enough to support the weight of the truck. An oversized exhaust pipe might pull too much air out of the engine, causing it to sputter. Hoses shouldn't be simply clamped into place if they're too large, as those clamped areas can easily start to leak. Whatever your needs for parts, ensure you buy the correct size, and especially for larger and heavier trucks.

Always examine used parts

If you do want to buy used parts for your truck, be sure to examine them in person. Look for cosmetic fixes that may be hiding unseen damage, such as dents in bumpers or panels. If possible, compare the used part side-by-side to a new part, to note how much wear the used part has suffered. This will ensure you only buy strong, quality parts for your truck, even if you opt to buy something used.

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